For more than ten years SCHLEBRÜGGE.EDITOR has been pursuing its main concept of developing books in collaboration with artists, who regard the resulting publications as full-fledged parts of their oeuvres.

SCHLEBRÜGGE.EDITOR has become a platform offering both historical and contemporary contexts on the one hand and references and partnerships that go beyond the Austrian border on the other. This platform constitutes the ideational and specific environment for its current catalogue.

SCHLEBRÜGGE.EDITOR is oriented towards political-critical and theoretical-conceptual positions of contemporary art. This stance is reflected in its catalogue, featuring books on contemporary art, artist’s books, and publications dealing with recent history, architecture, and art theory as well as with the modernist tradition in art and architecture and the intersection of art and design.

SCHLEBRÜGGE.EDITOR cooperates with distributors in Germany (Runge, Steinhagen), Great Britain (John Rule, London) and the United States/Canada (IPG/Art Stock Books).

Along with the wide publishing range SCHLEBRÜGGE.EDITOR also sells a variety of extremely limited artists’ editions, comprising photographs, paintings, original prints, or drawings the artists contributed exclusively to their respective publications.